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There are many ways to find sites that allow guest posts. You can use tools like Ahrefs and SEMR use to find relevant opportunities. You can also check the backlink profiles of your top competitors to see which of their blogs accept guest posts. If they do, you have a good chance of getting accepted as well. Read on to learn how to find guest posting opportunities. Here are some tips for finding the right sites to post on.


LinkedIn is a great place to find sites that accept guest posts. Users can search by company name or by job title, and find a connection who is willing to post on your site. This option is relatively expensive and cannot be automated. You will also get fewer responses than with email. Nevertheless, LinkedIn has some unique features that can help you find guest post sites. Listed below are some of these features.

Google’s blog search engine is also a great way to find relevant blogs and guest posting opportunities. You can use the site to search for related content, such as news articles or blog posts about certain topics. You can also check Twitter for relevant tweets, and use that information to find a site that hosts guest posts. Another good way to find a guest post site is to join a LinkedIn group dedicated to your industry and niche. This way, you can connect with people in that niche, and offer them a guest post.

Blogging directories

If you want to post on a high-ranking blog, you might want to consider joining one of the blogging directories. These directories provide a list of blogs in multiple niches and are a great way to discover new guest blogs. The directories also feature comment sections where you can network with blog readers and earn backlinks in the future. Here’s how to find sites that guests post on blogging directories:

Before you start finding blogs to post on, make sure you’ve performed keyword research on the topics you’ll be writing about. Try to find sites with high domain authority, large followings, and are open to accepting guest posts. Use a tool such as Small SEO Tools or Website SEO Checker to find the highest-quality sites. These directories will return thousands of sites, and it won’t be difficult to find a good fit.

Forum communities

If you are new to forum communities, you might be wondering how to find the ones that are open to the public. There are two ways to do this. First, you can use search engines to find forums and then use the “forum search” feature to search for those that are open to the public. You can also use forums to find out which of your potential customers are active on a particular subject. Once you have found a community that is open to the public, you can post your questions there.

Forums are an effective way to connect with your target audience. When your brand can engage in conversations with your customers, they will feel like they belong and become more engaged with your business. This is especially important in this day and age when more of our work is done on the internet. A forum is a perfect way to engage your customers and build brand affinity. By creating a friendly, welcoming community, you can attract more customers and increase your sales!

Blogs with high Domain Authority

Choosing blogs with high Domain Authority is essential when it comes to maximizing your link-building efforts. If the site has a low Domain Authority, you won’t have as much impact as if it was on a root domain. You’ll also get more readers, and you’ll get higher backlink strength, but you’ll need to make real-world connections to get the ball rolling. Listed below are some tips for targeting blogs with high Domain Authority.


Check out the link sources of influential bloggers. Often, you can find influencers by checking out their popular blogs and the link sources they use. These blogs will likely accept guest posts, and you’ll have a high opportunity of getting your link listed there. Moreover, guest blogging on high DA websites can help you gain access to a wider audience and a higher Domain Authority. To do this, make sure that the blog you’re going to guest post on has quality content and a high Domain Authority.

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