Chevrolet Silverado Kids Ride On Truck with Parental Remote Control

The Chevrolet Silverado Kids Ride On Truck comes with an impressive amount of features. These features include real leather seats, a 2.4 G remote control, and four motors. The vehicle is also built to take on curbs and weigh over 100 pounds. This ride-on truck comes with a parental remote control. Using this, you can drive the truck in any direction and make small adjustments to the speed.

Small scratches and pressure marks on the bodywork of the car

While this toy truck has a sturdy, robust body, you should also watch for small scratches and pressure marks. The bodywork of this vehicle is made of plastic, so bending and molding it may cause some slight indentations and pressure marks . These marks do not affect the overall performance, design, or high-end specifications of the vehicle.

Real leather seats

This 12v Chevy ride-on truck has a leather seat and is fully functional with a built-in MP3 player and a remote control isohunt. The truck has four motors with one for each wheel for a smooth ride. The truck also has a working horn and real headlights and taillights. The remote includes forward/reverse controls, speed selection, and parking features. It even has an AUX port, making it a great gift for a child.

The Chevy ride-on truck features an authentic, new product, realistic perspective that immerses kids in the role and helps them fulfill their imagination. The 12-Volt Chevy Silverado vehicle’s tough exterior and dependable heritage inspire imaginative play on the road. A real-looking dashboard is also a big plus. Lifelike LED lights enhance the realism of the interior. The remote control is fully functional and works on all engines.

4 motors

This Chevy ride on truck is powered by dual 12 volt motors, big wheels, and a working MP3 stereo. It also comes with a USB port and AUX input. The vehicle features a working winch and has start up and stop sounds. It also features an FM radio. It’s a fun way to get your kid outside and playing!

It is based on the real Chevrolet Silverado, and the exterior is designed to inspire and thrill young children. Kids will love this 12-volt ride on truck, and both boys and girls can enjoy it. The 12 volt ride on truck comes with a parental remote control, realistic LED lights, and a rear cargo area. It even comes with a built-in MP3 player, so kids can listen to their favorite 7hdstar.

2.4 G remote control

The Chevrolet Silverado Kids Ride On Truck features a 2.4 G remote control and dual 12 volt motors. It has a working MP3 stereo, working headlights and taillights, a working winch, and Click it here to learn more. Your child will love driving this truck, which comes with 3 highlight LED lights on each side. It even comes with an FM radio.


Aside from being fun to play with, this toy Chevy truck is equipped with a removable MP3 player and an AUX input. Your child can use this device to listen to music or stories to make the experience more authentic. The car has forward and reverse functions, as well as three different speeds on the remote control. The toy is safe for children aged three to eight years. It can hold up to 66 pounds.

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