Netorare – A Controversial Term Used in the Adult Gaming Industry

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NTR (netorare)

Netorare (NTR) is a term that has been used in the adult gaming industry to describe certain in-game scenes. It has several meanings, depending on who you ask. Many people believe that NTR is when the main character is cheated on, while others think that NTR is when the heroine is intentionally made jealous. No matter what the definition, ipsmarketing is a controversial term that causes a lot of debates among gamers and discord servers.

The LewdZone website features plenty of adult video games that are suitable for all ages, including those aimed at the most sensitive palates. Users can choose games with themes by browsing the thumbnails. The games range from Taboo Stories to Incest, and even adult cartoons. lewdzone also features an archive of adult animations that are aimed at attracting the demographic.

The documentation on Steam is decent, with an introduction to the game, screenshots, and system requirements. The game’s developer’s website has links to its Steam page, a Discord server, and an incest patch. It also offers a download link. Although there is not a lot of info on the game’s official website, it is still recommended to download it from the Steam store to enjoy its content.

NTR (netorare) is a genre of adult games

The term “NTR” is an acronym for “non-trivial reference.” While the term is often used to refer to a cheating partner, some people use it to mean any other kind of unfaithful behavior. In other cases, it refers to a partner who makes the MC jealous. It is important to note that there is no set definition of desktime.


Players can download and browse through different types of NTR games. You can find newscrawl to several different adult game platforms, including R34 web animations, comics, and adult RPGs. If you want to play something offline, you can try downloading it to your device. However, the best thing about downloading these games is that most are free. You can even download compressed versions if you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on them.

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