AppOmni Raised $40M in Series B Funding

APPOMNI is a SaaS application for business users that allows companies to manage and monitor their employee performance and time-off requests. The company has been growing rapidly in the past year and has attracted investors. They have a strong track record of customer retention and are planning to expand their platform to include the most widely adopted SaaS applications on the market.

Growth in the last year

Having grown nine-fold over the past year, San Francisco-based AppOmni is not short on bragging rights. With an estimated $52 million in funding so far, the company is well positioned to continue its growth trajectory. It also has an impressive customer base, including several Fortune 500 companies. In the next couple of years, the global app management solutions market is projected to be worth $32. 5 billion. This figure is likely to grow even faster as the number of mobile workers increases.

In fact, AppOmni boasts a staff of over fifty. AppOmni was founded in 2018. It’s main focus is security management solutions for SaaS apps, but they also have a healthy portfolio of enterprise software offerings. Their most recent round of funding included existing investors like Silicon Valley Data Capital, ClearSky and Inner Loop Capital.

AppOmni’s patented SaaS-based security management solution, the SmartAlertsTM, allows organizations to manage, monitor, and analyze the use of SaaS applications. AppOmni’s SmartAlertsTM are designed to be the first alert for a variety of security issues, including accidental data loss, malware, and data breaches

Expansion of platform to include most widely adopted SaaS applications on the market

Using AppOmni’s security management solution for SaaS, organizations can secure essential configurations, user permissions, and data access. They can also close security gaps and protect sensitive data against unauthorized access.

AppOmni has also expanded its platform to include the most widely adopted SaaS applications on the market, such as Workday, ServiceNow, Box, Slack, and Zendesk. The platform now includes an extensible security posture and continuous monitoring, so organizations can secure all their SaaS applications with consistent protection.

The AppOmni Developer Platform is the first solution to enable common security capabilities across the entire SaaS ecosystem. The platform will be available to select partners in June, and will expand to include more apps later in 2022.

SaaS products are quickly evolving to play a bigger role in the enterprise. In fact, according to Gartner, over 95 percent of new enterprise applications are cloud-based. This increased demand is fueled by the work-from-anywhere revolution, which has reshaped access points to IT systems.

The investment is a significant step forward for AppOmni, which is a leading provider of SaaS Security Management. The company has already secured over 50 clients, including Fortune 500 companies, and grew 900% in just a year. AppOmni’s product is used to protect company data and employee apps from cyberattacks. In addition, AppOmni has achieved 100% customer retention.

The new funding round was led by Scale Venture Partners. Other investors included ClearSky, Costanoa Ventures, Inner Loop Capital and Silicon Valley Data Capital. This round brings the total amount of funding raised by AppOmni to $53 million. The company has also secured a $3 million seed round in April


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