Best iOS Tools for YouTube Content Creators

To create content for YouTube, you are not required to use a very high-tech tool or software to achieve good results. You can simply use your phone’s camera to shoot a video with an outstanding and creative concept and edit it on your phone only. If you have an iPhone, you get to use the best free tools and built-in apps for your videos. You can also manage your videos and YouTube channels on the go and create some interesting content during your vacation.

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Many content creators who have millions of followers today, never had or encouraged people to carry a DSLR or a high-tech video filming kit to become YouTube sensations. All they had was a phone’s camera, and some great ideas to share with the audience. Using different tools gives content creators the flexibility and easy access to YouTube channels no matter wherever they want to create the content.

Moving further, you can always upgrade according to your capabilities once your channel gains the audience’s attention and your channel gets more subscribers. You can download different tools using the internet services provided by different ISPs providing in your area.

There are so many internet and spectrum cable TV, and Satellite TV providers that offer services to their customers all over America. It makes things easier for YouTubers and content creators to plan their content and provide their audience with something they will like, and share on their social media. Now, let’s get you acquainted with some free tools you can use for content creation.


The app can help you create some outstanding content for YouTube using a streamlined design and intuitive Multi-Touch gestures. By using simple tools, you can create Hollywood-style movies and movie trailers easily. You can select an album or a group of saved videos and images and create your video without needing to edit your video and have titles, music, and different transitions added to it.

You can rearrange and delete clips in a simplified list of shots. You can select from around 14 templates using stunning graphics and scores by top movie composers. You can add dynamic visual effects and styles with fonts, filters, music, color palettes, and more.

App Store Rating: 3.9

DU Recorder – Screen Recorder

You must have seen different tutorial videos that show users how they can use certain software or app and even play a game on their phone. You can also create different tutorials and get entertained and informed about different software and apps using the DU Recorder.

The app helps you with video streaming and recording your screen. You can livestream your screen easily on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. The app makes it easy for you to do live shows, record and stream screens for games, different sports, etc.

The tool provides high-quality screen recording, powerful video editing tools, and audio recording support. Apart from that, you can also edit your videos and perform operations like trimming the video, adding music, custom text, and subtitles. A unique feature that adds more flavor to your videos is adding video to GIFS and converting video formats to GIFs as well. You can also get Facecam support so that you can record video reactions which is a new content style adopted by different content creators.

App Store Rating: 4.5

Intro Maker: Video Intro Outro

A killer intro for your videos is very useful to grab the attention of your audience. To create an amazing 3D intro for your video and channel, you can use this app easily. There are different well-designed templates and template presets that can help you customize them within 30 seconds or less.

The app has a wide range of 3D and 2D templates that can let you create intros for your business, Vlogs, gaming videos, and many other categories very creatively. You can use the non-copyright music from its library that suits your YouTube videos. Also, there is a professional photo cutout tool that you can use to make custom stickers. The good thing about this app is that it upgrades its library according to new trends and the needs of content creators.

App Store Rating: 4.7


In the end, one can say that there are so many apps that can help you add more value to your content. iPhones are handy tools that can help photographers and videographers create shareable and engaging content for their YouTube channels. We can expect a lot more from the new iPhone 14 that it will set new trends in the industry and provide more opportunities for content creators in the coming times.

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