Choice Home Warranty – How to Keep Track of All Your Payments

If you are having trouble keeping track of all the payments on your Choice home warranty, you can use an online portal to request service online. To begin, you will need your full name, address, and policy number, as well as the type and square footage of the property you are covering. To get help, call Choice customer service or visit their website. Customers can also call customer service for help or submit a claim form by mail. However, it is highly recommended that you file a claim as early as possible, as early service may be required.

A recent lawsuit filed by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office accuses Choice Home Warranty of consumer fraud. The company failed to disclose the payments it received from satisfied customers, but later paid the consumers $780,000 as a court settlement. When asked about the lawsuit, Choice Home Warranty did not respond to requests for comment. The lawsuit has not been resolved as of March 2021. It is unclear whether the lawsuit will go forward or if it will be dismissed.

Choice Home Warranty has two main plans and over half a dozen add-ons. Prices are around industry average. They also have a great customer service network and do not require a home inspection before you can start coverage. The two main plans cover various systems, but some home features are not covered, including air conditioning, refrigerator, swimming pool, water heater, and ductwork. For a total home warranty, however, you can add coverage for these items, and more.

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