Diablo 2 Resurrected Expansion Mode

Diablo 2’s resurrected expansion mode will bring ranked ladder play, tweaks to your classes, and new rune words. Blizzard has not yet confirmed the exact release date for the patch. The game will feature four ladder modes: Standard, Hardcore, and Legendary. Hardcore mode involves playing through the game’s first four acts. Hardcore also includes the DLC Lord of Destruction.

The Resurrected expansion mode will feature an overhauled UI. Players will notice the improved details of their character sheet and the addition of comparisons for items in the tool tips. Furthermore, the GUI now features Shared Stash, a convenient feature for transferring items between characters. UI changes are not only aimed at improving performance but also improve the quality of life. The PC version will support large font modes, as well as transparency when pressing Tab.

The new Diablo 2 expansion will be available for both Windows PCs and consoles. It will also feature cross-progression, which means that you can carry over your saved game across different platforms. The game has been hailed as the best ARPG in history. This is a great news for fans of the Diablo series. There are plenty of new content to discover, so make sure to download it and try it out!

Another feature of Diablo 2’s Resurrected expansion mode is its increased storage space. Players will now have 300 slots to store their loot. Previously, players were limited to only two slots, but the Diablo 2 modding community solved the issue by introducing multiple modifications and making it possible to create a 10×10 stash. Additionally, the auto-pickup mechanic has been a tried and tested practice in ARPGs. It was present in Diablo 3 and in the majority of other isometric hack-and-slash games released in the past couple of years.

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