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Different Types of Content on Instagram

When it comes to using Instagram for marketing your brand, there are several different types of content you can use. According to SproutSocial, images, videos, and text-based posts all perform well. Among these types of content, images are the most popular, according to the social media marketing agency. Apparel brands, for example, will often invest in professional photo shoots, which they can then use to post multiple images over time. For example, a post with three photos from a single photoshoot may be used to mention the photographer. Videos, on the other hand, can be used to show activities and events, and are a great choice for showing what a brand is doing.

Feed posts appear in a user’s feed, and can be either photos or videos. Instagram Stories appear in the user’s feed, but are only visible for 24 hours. However, they can be saved to the Highlights section of a user’s profile, and stay there forever. Despite this, only 50% of people have visited a company’s website after seeing a Story. If your business is looking for a way to increase engagement on Instagram, creating engaging content on Instagram is essential.

Knowing your audience’s location can also help you choose the best time to post. If you have a large audience in an English-speaking country, you may want to avoid using as many words as possible. If your audience is mainly non-English-speaking, you should modify your content strategy to include less copy. You can also use Insights to determine when and where to post. For example, if your audience is younger than average, you may want to post more frequently to engage this demographic.

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