How to Make a Good Website Names List

If you’re not sure what to call your website, here are some tips to make a good website names list:

Try a name generator tool. These tools generate a good website names list automatically by searching a word’s meaning and availability on GoDaddy. You can also watch other websites’ names for ideas. If you like something, watch what it’s called and see if it could be a good website name. You might be surprised at how similar some of the words are. Once you’ve made a list, try one of the suggested websites.

When thinking of a website name, think about available top-level domains. There are many. Keyword research is an effective way to generate a list of unique ideas. Try free keyword domain name suggestion tools to generate a list of potential domains. If your business involves keywords, including those words in your URL is a good strategy. It can also help you with SEO. It’s worth considering adding popular keywords to your URL.

Try using a search engine such as Looka. A keyword search will produce hundreds of potential domain names. Almost all of them are garbage, but there are gems among them. Use a filter to sort them alphabetically, popularity, and length. You can also filter the results to only show those domains with keywords at the front and behind. Listed domains will also be available on websites with similar content. Make sure you’ve searched for a name before you pick one.

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