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There are five fundamental principles of management

The first is the principle of equality. All employees should be treated equally and with respect. There should be no discrimination between subordinates. Wages should be the same for all employees, no matter the department, and people should be treated with respect. The second principle is the principle of equity. The goal is to create a sense of belonging among employees, and the third principle is to promote lateral communication. anonig            tinyzonetv

The fifth principle is control. It is the responsibility of management to ensure that employees work in accordance with the plans, principles, and standards of work. Fayol suggests that control is not solely the function of management, but should be the responsibility of a quality manager. This person does not have a hierarchical relationship with employees, and therefore can obtain information not available under normal control. These concepts were revolutionary in their time, but they are still relevant today.

Numerology is the investigation of numbers and their importance

The first principle of management is responsibility. It means that management is responsible for the work done under its guidance. This principle also includes authority. The second principle is accountability. It is important to remember that authority and responsibility are linked and should be given proportionate weight. The third principle is common sense. While common sense may be useful, they are not enough to make a good management team. The fifth principle of entrepreneurship is to reward innovation. For more information

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