Top 5 Tech Trends of 2019

In recent years, artificial intelligence has made the world a more intelligent place, and machine learning is the core of this innovation. This technology has multiple divisions, including natural language processing and graphic models. Its application in transportation has been revolutionary. Robots powered by ML are already taking over the most dangerous tasks, such as driving a car. With their help, we can enjoy a safer life. ML is also transforming healthcare.

Virtual and augmented reality technology have been around for a few decades, but until recently, the technology was not advanced enough to deliver a fully immersive digital experience. However, advances in hardware and software have made this technology viable for real-life applications. Apple plans to integrate augmented reality into its iOS operating system in 2019.

The cloud isn’t new, but the way that it works is rapidly evolving. While some innovations represent new technical capabilities necessary to survive in the digital world, others will deliver business-oriented capabilities. In fact, a hybrid cloud architecture will become the norm by 2022. Further, cloud-based solutions will reduce costs and complexity, and will improve security defenses. And as the internet of things becomes more pervasive, we’ll see more companies adopting this technology.

The Internet of Things is a promising new technology trend. Many “things” are now equipped with WiFi connectivity. By 2024, this technology will cover 40% of the world and handle about 25% of mobile traffic data. The world will be a much more connected place than it is today, thanks to the Internet of Things. When these devices communicate with one another, they can improve our lives and our experiences. We can even use this data to optimize our marketing campaigns, create better products, and create better experiences.

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